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How To Recognize A Legitimate Mystery Shopper Agency

Written by Marty on . Posted in Mystery shopper agency, Retail audit, Top mystery shopping companies

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A mystery shopper agency is one which can hire you to gather the details of an experience at any particular store or restaurant. The company gives you the opportunity to buy something, in many cases to be reimbursed for the money. In some instances, the product or service is yours to keep. There are many reasons to work with a mystery shopper agency, and some people do so part time or as a full time profession. Some of the responsibilities may include work for market research or some other purpose, or the information might be intended for use by merchandising businesses in the industry of the product or service.

Given your choice of mystery shopper agency to work with, there are many things to watch out for so you do not fall victim to a scam. Like with many other things online, scammers try to get money out of whomever they can trick into thinking their offerings are real. If you want to be a mystery shopper, there is no need to pay anything up front. Some scammers promote mystery shopper positions you have to pay for to participate in, with the promise of being hired for a high paying job. The top mystery shopping companies will not advertise this way. They also do not offer certification programs that most likely do not mean anything. If you want to work with a legitimate mystery shopper agency do not fall for schemes where you have to pay money or sign up for a certification program.

There are also scams where mystery shoppers are asked to deposit cash or wire it to someone to evaluate a money transfer service. You may end up being the one responsible for paying back the financial institution. To find a real mystery shopper agency, do some research on what a legitimate company sounds like and how their process works. Always look for comments and reviews on the top mystery shopping companies and keep looking to make sure the reviews are legitimate too. Working with a mystery shopper agency can give you the chance to earn income. There are no real ones that charge people to be a part of their teams. You can also look up databases of real assignments so you know what you are looking at when a legitimate mystery shopper agency is encountered.