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Iphone Management Can Help You Keep Your Network Safe

Written by Marty on . Posted in Byod education, Iphone management

Desktop management

With nearly 70 million Americans owning smartphones, there is an increased need for companies to utilize Iphone management solutions. If your company like 74 percent of companies offer BYOD usage, you will need to make sure that all devices are as secure as possible. When you supply your own devices, it is very easy to know for sure that all are properly updated; however, when it comes to employees using their own devices, this can be decidedly more difficult. With the right Iphone management solution in place, your IT team can successfully manage any number of devices that they need to. When you need assistance with iphone security, there are always software based solutions out there that your company can tap into. You only need to find one customized for your business.

When your company has mobile devices, you will need to be certain that you have the right mobile device management software in place. There are different options for Iphone management and one of the most popular is Desktop Management Interface or DMI. A DMI is a framework with components for managing both software and hardware of BYOD models. With proper patch management solutions, your company can be certain that all devices are updated when they need to and are not accessing information that they should not be. You can find patch management software that will allow your IT team to manage all devices efficiently, helping to prevent any problems from arising so that you can protect your secure data.