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Understanding What Medicare Of Arizona Actually Pays For

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Medicare part d supplemental plans

Medicare of Arizona is a federally funded national health insurance program for people over the age of 65, as well as people who require dialysis or have certain other disabilities. Having gotten its start in 1965, Arizona Medicare came to fruition after President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Social Security Amendments law, which was a part of the Great Society program.

There are 4 different parts to the AZ medicare package. They include:
1. Medicare of Arizona Part A pays for your basic hospitalization and thus is sometimes referred to as Hospital Insurance. It pays for basic benefits for inpatient care in hospitals, rehab centers and long term care in a skilled nursing facility, hospice or limited home health care.
2. Medicare of Arizona Part B is also known as Medical Insurance because it covers doctors’ fees, diagnostic procedures, lab costs and medical equipment. It also covers ambulance services, three pints of blood per year, cardiovascular screenings, limited chiropractic services, colorectal cancer screenings, diabetes screenings, durable medical equipment such as walkers and wheelchairs, flu shots, glaucoma testing, Hepatitis B shots, HIV screening, mammograms, mental health care, pelvic exams, pap smears, yearly physical exams, prostate cancer screenings and smoking cessation programs. For these types of Pheonix Medicare services there’s usually a copayment.
3. Medicare of Arizona Part C, which is also known as Medicare advantage allows you to enroll in a managed care program. This Arizona Medicare supplement insurance will add numerous additional benefits to your health care insurance.
4. Medicare of Arizona Part D covers FDA, medically necessary, prescription drugs. It doesn’t matter if these are brand name or generic drugs as both are covered.

Arizona Medicare plans do not cover alternative health therapies, dental care or dentures unless they’re medically necessary, cosmetic, elective surgery, orthopedic shoes, routine foot care or eye care or routine checkups. Your Medicare advantage plan may cover some of these things. Medicare doesn’t pay for long term care or for non emergency care abroad.

Can Reading Free Online Articles Make You Smarter?

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