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NY Divorce Lawyer

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Long island divorce lawyers

Some divorce statistics are quite interesting. Take the case of marriages with at least one daughter, but no sons. According to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics, these unions have a 5 percent higher likelihood of ending in divorce. The divorce rate for first marriages in America is approximately 41 percent . Now, if you get married at an older age, you have a better chance of staying married. So do people who earn more money or have college degrees. You can ask any NY divorce lawyer about these statistics. Divorce lawyers in Long Island also know that certain professionals get divorced more often than people who have other kinds of jobs. Agricultural engineers, podiatrists, optometrists, and engineers are the professions given by divorce lawyers Long Island.

Long Island divorce lawyers and New york divorce attorneys can also tell you the top five reasons people get divorced here in the U.S. Divorce lawyers in New York list communication problems, infidelity, communication problems, financial problems and abuse or loss of interest. Find out more by talking to your NY divorce lawyer today. You may be surprised at other statistics concerning couples and divorce in New York.