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How To Seek Accurate Phoenix STD Testing Centers Available

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Urgent care scottsdale

In a survey that was performed by the Urgent Care Association of America, 57 percent of patients waited 15 minutes or less to get seen by health care professionals. Urgent care centers are becoming popular because of these short wait times as well as the fact that they operate on a walk in basis and provide convenient hours. Whether you are trying to find 24 hour urgent care phoenix offers, a Paradise Valley medical center, or pediatric urgent care Phoenix professionals offer, you have to locate a dependable provider. At a Scottsdale medical center you can receive Scottsdale urgent care that includes STD testing.

About two thirds of urgent care facilities employ a blend of physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. 65 percent of these facilities have one physician on hand at all times. Phoenix STD testing is one of the most common services that people can get at urgent care centers. Phoenix STD testing at urgent care centers is very valuable because it helps people that are looking to get immediate treatment, even if they have a need for medical treatment in the evening or weekends. Only 29 percent of today’s primary care physicians offer after hours coverage.

In addition to Phoenix STD testing, urgent care centers can also help treat broken bones. On an annual basis in the United States, there are 6.8 million bones broken. Look for the best available urgent care facility so that you can get STD tests or other urgent care services that you seek.