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Learn the most helpful food safety tips around

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Food handling safety guidelines

Restaurant, food processing and kitchen owners may find that learn about food safety tips through a kitchen safety and sanitation course could be the best thing to help their business grow. Even a simple kitchen sanitation checklist could make for a much safer and cleaner workplace. Those learning these food safety tips will discover the best ways to store food, including why meat should always be placed on the lowest shelf possible. This is done to prevent its drippings from contaminating other food, should they leak down.

Each year, nearly 22 million days at school are lost because children come down with the common cold. A number of food safety tips and food safety guidelines in school cafeterias could help to prevent such a scenario from every happening. Little known food safety facts include the fact that women are actually more likely than men to employ what is commonly referred to as the “five second rule,” which is when people eat food that has fallen down to the floor.

The ideal course for food safety tips will also include a number of interesting factoids, such as how it has been long believed that a canines saliva could actually benefit a persons wound, because it is bactericidal against things like Streptococcus canis and Escherichia coli bacteria. Finally, people learning about food safety tips can learn about things like botulism, and how its name comes from the Latin term for sausage. This name came about because of the fact that the bacteria it produced was often found in meat products that were not properly handled.