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Improve the Efficicency of Your Medical Practice

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Medical office consultants

Due to government reforms and new bills, the face of American healthcare is changing. Specifically, the Healthcare Reform Bill is very complicated and will require highly skilled and efficient medical practice personnel to manage the aspects of yet another big government imposed mandate. As such, the job outlook for medical office administrative assistants, receptionists, medical office consultants, and medical office customer service specialists is very positive and expected to grow faster than average.

Professionals seeking a career in a medical practice can receive medical office training from a variety of sources. According to the U.S. Labor Bureau, medical office training is most often learned on the job, and subsequently can be taught by incumbent professionals or outsourced to a medical practice consultant. Medical office consulting firms, for example, will come into your practice and provide hands on medical office training, such as claims processing, customer service medical office, healthcare compliance issues, contract compliance, and other strategies for adapting to the new healthcare mandates. Ensuring your medical practice is in compliance could potentially save you thousands of dollars in fees, penalties, and fines.

Although a high school diploma is often sufficient enough, there are also many formalized medical office training programs for post high school. A medical office training program that is accredited will provide the student with a certification that shows they have undergone the necessary medical office training protocol.

Print Your Own Business Postcards

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Real estate postcards

Business cards have really evolved over the years. Now, business cards have become business postcards, and they tell more of a story about you than former business cards. Custom postcard printing can create some elegant and professional business postcards for you, so order some right now to help jumpstart your business. Customized postcards are a great way to help you add a little flair to your business cards and help show people what your business is about.

Theodore Hook sent the first printed postcard to himself in 1940; he drew a caricature of postal workers. Direct marketing often uses a “call to action technique,” such as telling the consumer to pick up the phone. Using direct mail postcards is a great way to get people’s attention, and to call them to action on behalf of your business. In 2010, commercial and nonprofit organizations spent $153 billion in direct marketing sales, says the Direct Marketing Association, and they also claim that responses to direct marketing have gone from 0.3 percent to 3.4 percent . You should amp up your game with business postcards, and use direct marketing to help generate more revenue for your business. Real estate postcards will help amp up interest in the homes you have listed as well. When it comes to direct marketing, business postcards just make sense. The first direct marketer was Lester Wunderman, who created the 800 toll free number and the magazine subscription card. Print some customized postcards for your business today.