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Read This About The News

Written by Marty on . Posted in News, Online news, Online tv

Have you ever tried to go a day without paying attention to the news? It’s not easy. The news is everywhere all the time. If media companies could find a way to transmit into our dreams we’d be living in a William Gibson novel and the jig would be up.

Today, we are so saturated with breaking news, online TV news, online news, TV news, papers, text messages that deliver us up to date infomation and passing conversations that consist of the news, that we tend to forget what the important news of the day was. Turn on a television to one of the many twenty four hour channels and you’ll find a ticker on the bottom that is giving you information that the media company that owns them believe to be important while a dozen different talking heads debate a piece of news that really has no bearing on anything save a socio political agenda.

When you turn on the network stations, it’s not much better. The networks only give two hours of every day to news reporting and even then, that topics have been sifted through to cover just what’s important to their viewership. The only true source and saving grace of delivering the news seems to in print media or online. Without the constraints of time or the numbers game of viewing statistics, the print and online media outlets have a good deal of freedom in what topics they cover and how.

While your local paper isn’t going to have the latest on what might be happening overseas, it will provide you will all the stories that are important to you, your town, your country, your region and your state. Sure, they’ll briefly cover a few national pieces, but the bulk of the information they carry is what directly affects you.

Online media sources have another kind of freedom. They are limitless. If anything is happening anywhere in the world, you will find that someone has covered it to bring you the information that you need to know. Sometimes, it’s vague, providing only the who, what, where, when and why. And sometimes, it’s in depth, covered the ramifications, the politics involved and the background. Chances are, this information won’t directly affect you, but in an indirect ways, it’s always good to know.