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Wedding Plans Include Wedding Bands and Wedding Bands

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So, you are getting ready to tie the knot. Did you know that expression refers to the ancient Babylonian custom where threads from the clothing of both the bride and groom were tied together, thusly symbolizing the union of the couple? What about that the ancient Romans started the tradition of the wedding bouquet using a bundle of herbs that symbolized fertility? I thought so. Well, are you going to do either of those for your wedding? I thought that too.

Okay, so maybe we do not want to look that far back for traditions. In your planning, just be sure to stick to budget. In 2012, the average cost of just the wedding reception was just over $13,000. And from 2011 to 2012, the number of wedding budgets of $1 million or more actually doubled. But try to reel yourself in, please. Despite there

Looking to improve the health insurance offered by your Canadian company?

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Sixty percent of Canadian business owners worry about the quality of healthcare coverage they provide to their employees. It is true that group health benefit plans exist throughout most of Canada that are mostly funded by income taxes. For this reason Canadians are afforded some of the most widely affordable and accessible healthcare in the entire world. These group health plans afford Canadians basic health care without deductibles and virtually non existent co pay costs. Many businesses want to offer their employees more than the bare minimum, however.

Even with these common and affordable companies offering a group health plan to Canadian citizens, the businesses worrying about providing better than ba