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Choosing a Preschool

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Childcare powell oh

Parents want what’s best for their children. From their health and safety to their happiness and general well being, it is the number one priority of an attentive parent to provide the best chance for their child at a fulfilling life. One of the best decisions parents can make toward that goal is choosing a quality daycare or preschool facility.

The argument for preschool isn’t a difficult one to make. According to recent studies, kids who received high quality early education were more likely to own homes and have jobs. In the same study, children who attended quality child care programs also earned at least $5,000 more a year than a comparable group that did not receive preschool education. In another study involving low income child

Why iPhone Security Is Top Priority For US Companies

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Iphone encryption

Did you know that nearly one billion people in the world use smart phones? Two hundred thirty million of those people live in America. And because of that many companies are starting to offer Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, programs where employees can connect their work computer to their iPhones.

The plus side is that many companies are requiring employees to cover the costs, and according to a recent study, employees are pretty compliant.

This is a cost savings for employers for sure. But that makes things, like iPhone security and mobile device management, a lot more difficult. It is actually one of the biggest challenges for companies who have BYOD programs.

Because so many people are using their personal phones to do work stuff, there is a huge risk of company data and information being leaked. I