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Did You Know That A One Second Delay in the Loading of Your Website Could Cost Your Company Millions?

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Did you know that the purpose of the first webcam was to monitor a particular coffee maker in a Cambridge University computer lab so that lab users could avoid wasted trips to an empty coffee pot?

It is amazing the way that technology rapidly advances? It seems to grow like small children, at exponential rates. In 1995, Echo Bay, which later became eBay, and both premiered in 1995, and now they are two of the biggest provider of goods on the web.

Now, everyone uses the web. It has become a vital part of the business world, and widely accepted as the largest marketplace in the world. After all, if an e commerce site makes about 100,000 dollars a day, then just a one second page delay will wind up costing them 2.5 million dollars annually in lost sales. When you consider the fact that a