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Garage Thief Caught on Tape? Three Things Channel 13 Can Fill You in On

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Did you know that 55% of people watch the news every day? Why is keeping track of Rochester daily news important? Many of us want to know up to date information about traffic and weather. News is also important because it gives us a way to be knowledgeable in conversations with colleagues and friends. Here are three things you can learn about from Channel 13 Rochester, which has been broadcasting in the local area since 1962.

1. Do Not Leave Your Garage Open at Night

Robert Bellave, of Greece, was getting ready for a neighborhood street sale and accidentally left his garage open at night. A burglar came in and cleared out over a thousand dollars worth of items in the space of about half an hour. Channel 13 Rochester NY reports that what the thief did not know, is that Bellave had surveillance cameras at

SEO The Marketing Technique You Never Heard of

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White label seo

Everyone wants to have his or her company featured prominently on the internet. It is just that very few people know how that happens. A lot of people, by instinct, will go to Google to promote the site. They will pay Google for advertising their products. But this is not necessarily the best way to promote a website.

Sometimes white label SEO or an Seo reseller program is a more efficient way of managing one’s product and advertising it to a community. Why is this? One of the reasons is because, believe it or not, very few consumers will actually pay any attention to the sponsored links on Google. Around 80 percent of people just ignore whatever is in the tan box. Think of it. When was the last time that you did anything with t