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Act Quickly to Find a New Home

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Real estate tips for buyers

The housing market in the United States is currently in favor of the seller. As a result, those who are currently in the market to buy may find it challenging to locate the right home for them. In addition, mortgage rates are rapidly starting to increase, so potential home buyers are advised to make decisions as quickly as possible in order to attain the lowest interest rate available. Finding a home can be difficult, but these tips for buying a new home can help you find the house of your dreams.

1. Find a good location. Virginia is currently a hot spot to buy a new home, as the state has seen a 7.68% increase in home sales within the pas

Three Great Ways to Stay Informed About Rochester Events

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Rochester ny landmarks

If you live in the Monroe County area, you know what a wealth of activities are available to residents. Particularly if you live in the city of Rochester, there are myriad possibilities, from art openings to concerts, sporting events to community activities.

But how do you keep track of all these happenings? And how do you stay informed about events in Rochester NY this weekend? Here are some suggestions for how to be in the know and take advantage of all your city has to offer.

Read local publications, both online and off.

From the alternative weekly CITY Newspaper Rochester to the daily Democrat and Chronicle to blogs that cover various topics like music, movies, politics, and upcoming even