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What You Can Do to Ensure Your Financial Future

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Financial planners

A financial planner is a professional who helps clients prepare financial plans. Areas of concern for financial planners include income management, accounting, saving for college, saving for retirement, investment strategies, handling of insurance plans, tax preparation and estate planning.

Anyone can use the term “financial planner” to describe themselves. Often accountants and insurance agents will describe themselves as financial planners. In this way, financial planners are different from doctors or lawyers who have to meet certain requirements and be certified by a government agency before they can call themselves doctors or lawyers.

However, there do exist Certified Financial Planners, or CFP’s. CFP’s must meet certain educational and e

Four Important Facts You Never Knew About Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Is breast augmentation right for me?

If other countries view American culture as primarily self-centered and shallow, it might have something to do with our tummy tuck, facelift and breast augmentation doctors. In 2011 alone, Americans spent a collective $10.4 billion on cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, which is more than the entire gross domestic product of nations like Chad, Liechtenstein and Suriname. Of course, advancements in medical technology have made plenty of other treatments options possible as well.

But Americans’ relationship to cosmetic and plastic surgery is a long, complex one. Breast augmentation enlargement and enhancement surgeries continue to comprise a substantial bulk of th