Are Online Degrees as Valuable as On-Campus Degrees?

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It’s common knowledge that private colleges and universities tend to be more expensive than public schools. However, private institutions began to offer online MBA programs costs that were competitive with their state funded rivals. A growing number of public schools, though, have also worked to make online learning more available and more affordable by offering the chance to do entire programs through the net, while paying a small, online MBA programs cost.

Despite the attractive online MBA programs cost, many people are hesitant about enrolling in such programs because they believe an MBA online programs are of a lesser, inferior quality. What these folks don’t know, or don’t realize, is that they are, in fact, of equivocal quality to their on-campus counterparts. For example, at Columbia University, online students earn their degrees through the Columbia Video Network, which means that they take the same exact classes as other students, and do the same exact work, which makes the degree absolutely identical to what on-campus students earn.

What’s more, employers also understand the true value of these degrees. In fact, according to the Distance Education and Training Council, who conducted a recent survey, a whopping 70% of corporate supervisors rated the value of a distance or online educations as “just as valuable,” if not “more valuable” than traditional degrees in the same field.

Online programs are the same as on-campus programs not only in their value, but even in such regards as the application process. While many online programs don’t require interviews face-to-face, but all other procedures and forms are akin to traditional MBA programs. For example, a student’s GPA has to be up to par. Though evaluated differently from school to school, the median GPA for applicants who got into top online MBA schools is approximately 3.5.

So why not find out for yourself how affordable even the best online MBA programs cost? In fact, you may even find that the online MBA programs cost is lower than you anticipated, as there are several discounts available, like an in-state qualifications that can significantly reduce what online MBA programs cost.

The only real difference between earning your degree online versus going to campus is really in the price. If you have any questions about what online MBA programs cost, feel free to ask in the comments. Refernce materials.

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