Are You Using the Right Type of Foundation for Your Face?

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How do you do your makeup? Do you just go through the process, with the same products, that your mom taught you 20 years ago? If it has been a while since you explored the world of makeup, or if you are just starting, you are in luck.

Never before have there been so many options for you. Never has the cosmetic world had so many varieties, like types of foundation makeup. Do a little reading and research, and you will be much more prepared to make your way out into the plethora of makeup options.

  • Types of Foundation Makeup
  • It makes sense for you to be looking at types of foundation makeup first, because that is what you use first. Without a good foundation, the rest of your face makeup will never look quite as good as you would like it to. When you take the time to look into which foundation works best for your skin type and tone, you are preparing yourself for a good look, even if the rest of your makeup is of a lesser quality.

    Think of it in terms of a canvas. You never see any famous art hanging in a museum that was done on a piece of college-ruled, three-hole-punched, spiral-bound, lined paper, do you? No, because that type of paper was not designed to properly hold paint, or to display art in the most effective, efficient way. And you would not paint a wall or a house without first laying down a priming coat. Your foundation makes your face that blank canvas of smooth, single tone, that the rest of your makeup can be applied to.

  • Which Is Which?
  • There are three basic types of foundation, which all have a little variance to them. Those three are liquid, powder, and cream. Not all types will be ideal for all skin, so it is best to look into what kind fits with your situation. For instance, the best makeup foundation for oily skin may not be the best for dry skin. Figuring out what your skin is prone to is the first place to start. Then determining the kind of foundation that you prefer, and then finding the specific variety from that type that will work best with your skin.

  • Why Foundation?
  • Like mentioned above, you want to apply a flawless makeup foundation in order to prepare your face for the rest of the makeup. Foundation helps to smooth and even out color differences in your face, providing that blank canvas effect. By starting from a solid base, you will have much more success when it comes to applying a good face makeup.

Did you realize that you had so much to consider when it came time to look for a foundation for your makeup? If you care at all about your makeup, it is super important to get that initial detail correct. It is like farming in bad soil, or building with bad lumber. If you start out with a bad base material, the finished product can only do so well. Continue reading here:

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