“Bring Your Own Device” The New Model for Productivity

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Bring your own device

Office work is leaving the office, as the new business dynamic is slowly but surely shifting towards the mobile device world. Media tablet sales have recently surpassed 20 million, and IT departments are capitalizing on the popularity of these devices, and venturing into the world of corporate mobile device management.

The move to mobile is not without precedence. School systems, from elementary to college, are taking advantage of the mobile device revolution by implementing a “bring your own device” (or BYOD) policy, where students then use school-provided apps. Teachers are able to turn what would previously have been considered a distraction into a powerful tool for student engagement and interaction, and without having to buy devices for ever

How to Keep Your Computers Safe

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Mobile workforce solutions

Somewhere around 50 percent of companies follow a Bring your own device policy to save on technology costs. According to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, over 100 consumers use new iPads for businesses purposes and the BYOD model for classroom computing has become increasingly popular. Companies that follow these policies can require heavy security and require cloud based architecture.

Having a mobile workforce is becoming more common. It can save thousands of dollars every year on office space. But it requires new mobile security software and mobile device management such as patch management software, iPhone management iPhone security, which is necessary to keep systems virus free. 230 million people in the US over the age of 13 use mobile devices, 65 million own a smartphone and business mobile users make up 30 percent of subscribers. BYOD is even becoming popular in some schools. As many as 74 percent of companies allow BYOD. But this only means that mobile security software is more necessary than ever.

A mobile workforce is one of the best ways to make sure that resources are saved and that mobile security is enforced, but this needs to be balanced by resources that ensure that information is secure. Any company using a mobile workforce should have policies in place which will ensure that ensure mobile security. This may not be the only means of doing business, but it is certainly an important one.

Patch management software fills the gap for many people who need to find ways to improve their services. It is for this reason that patch management software will probably continue to be a good way of balancing security with efficiency. And balancing these two factors in important. It is because of patch management software that people are increasingly turning to these services. While patch management software is not the only service that people require to ensure the security of their systems, it can go a long way toward ensuring that things do not get worse.