Hunting for that Perfect Gift? Gift Baskets Are Perfect!

Written by Marty on . Posted in Baby gift baskets, Gift baskets for women, Personalized baby clothes

Gift baskets for women

Unique gift baskets can make great gifts for just about any occasion, and they are not too difficult to put together. Unique gift baskets are especially appealing options if you are having trouble deciding on a gift for someone, because you can incorporate so much into them. Whether they are unique gift baskets for men or unique gift baskets for women, you can make the perfect and unique gift basketball for anyone.

First, you must decide on a theme for your gift basket. Children gift baskets? Spa gift basket ideas? Whatever the theme, make sure you stick to it, and choose a gift basket that is large enough to hold everything you want to include.

Next, get some cellophane, and cut off a portion that will be sufficient for the size of your unique gift basket. Place the cellophane right side down, and put your basket in the middle of it. Arrange all the items inside the basket, starting with tall items in the center, and medium and small items on the outside. Do not forget to wrap and secure items that are fragile and may be broken.

Then, take the cellophane and pull it toward your gift basket, starting with the shorter sides, and finishing with the longer sides. Secure each piece with a long twist tie. You may need some assistance with this part, since it can be difficult to accomplish this feat with two hands.

Finally, use ribbon and make a bow, or attach an already made bow. You do not need to remove the twist tie, and avoid playing with the cellophane too much. You want it to appear uneven and natural looking. And voila! Unique gift baskets are a cinch! Helpful info also found here: