How to Effectively Market Your Website Online

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Did you know that 93% of internet experiences begin with a visit to a search engine? As a result, businesses must market their websites online in order to earn more business. SEO, or search engine optimization, is an effective way to accomplish this. There are several SEO strategies available, and each one can help your website attract more user traffic in its own way.

1. Content creation. This strategy is quickly becoming the new model for SEO. Content creation involves producing keyword-rich articles and blogs that are used to rank websites higher on search engine results pages as organic links. Since 79% of search users always click on organic links, and 75% of users never look past the first page of search results, your website must rank as highly as possible as an organic link in order to receive

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Reselling

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Search engine optimization

Did you know that it is estimated in 2012 that almost 90 percent of US search users that are over the age of 14 will research or browse for products online? That is a huge amount of exposure that a company or product can get online, if your website is exposed enough and gets enough traffic. However, especially if your business is new, or your website is new, it can be very difficult to get the traffic and attention you want.

Enter a company designed to resell SEO.

SEO resellers help to manage and increase your search engine optimization. Of course, a good question is, why do you need to optimize search engines results pages for your website? And the answer is simple. SEO is mainly concern