How Clearwater Roofing Is Installed

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Tampa roofers

Every building needs a roof. However, it can be very expensive to hire a Clearwater roofing contractor. Nevertheless, there are some things that a Tampa roofing company will know how to do that you may not have the skills, physical ability or know how to do yourself. You also need to remember that whenever you’re working with Clearwater roofing you’ll be high up off the ground and if you’re scared of heights, that’s the last place you’ll want to be.

So, what exactly is involved within the Clearwater roofing process that may have you calling upon a roofing clearwater contractor to do the work so that you won’t have to? Typically, roofing Tampa FL homes will require that you:
1. Trusses will be needed to create your favorite framing style on your home. Typically, these are made from 2 inch thick boards, which you can also choose to purchase instead of build. Regardless of where you get them or how they’re made, you’ll need to have them connected to your home’s walls with metal plates.
2. Once the Clearwater roofing contractor has the trusses in place he will cover them with plywood or oriented strand board to create a rigid surface upon which your roofing Clearwater FL contractor will be able to apply your home’s singles.
3. The whole roof is then covered with tar paper, which is waterproof in order to prevent mold and leaks whenever it rains or snows.
4. Your Tampa roofing contractor will use a mop to cover the tar paper with hot tar, which will further protect the roof and your building from water damage due to the elements.
5. Metal pieces are then attached to the roof. This includes your gutters and flashings, as well as special pieces around your chimney. These pieces help the rain to flow down and away from your home.
6. Now your Clearwater roofing contractor will apply either tiles or shingles depending upon your preference. There really are lots of options available for you to choose from here.