Cleaning Your Ceramic Tile Floors In 4 Easy Steps

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Ceramic has been used extensively throughout history. From pottery to the tiles we place in our homes, the material is appreciated for its durability and stain-resistant qualities. However, this doesn’t mean ceramic tiles will stay perfectly spotless until the end of time; although ceramic tile floors don’t need to be scrubbed every time you clean the bathroom (or kitchen — 90% of homeowners prefer hardwood or tile in their kitchen), they can certainly accumulate dirt and grime and will need to be cleaned periodically. With the following four simple steps, you can have your ceramic tile flooring looking like new.

  1. Choose the right floor mop: Though they may work well in other areas of your home, avoid the urge to clean your ceramic tile floors with sponge mops. They tend to push dirty water into grout lines, making them harder to clean. Instead, opt for rag and chamois-style mops, and don’t forget to change the water frequently or you’ll end up with a cloudy floor.
  2. Be on the look for tile stains: Ceramic does not stain easily, but it can happen. If you find a discoloration, try to figure out what caused it; this will help you find the right cleaner to remove it entirely.
  3. Watch for soap residue: You should be using a mild detergent throughout this process, but sometimes you may notice that your tiles look hazy even after cleaning. This can be caused by soup residue, which can be removed with a nonabrasive all-purpose cleaner.
  4. Don’t forget to dry: It’s definitely easier, but air-dried ceramic tile floors often form water spots. You can avoid this problem by drying the floor with a clean, lint-free cloth immediately after washing; it may feel like extra work, but it’s worth it when you see the final product (plus, it takes hardly any time to do).

Ceramic tile floors are beautiful and can stand up to a heck of a lot of abuse. That being said, it’s important that you not neglect them; as long as you give them a good cleaning every once in a while, you’ll never have to worry about dirt and grime in your home.

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