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This era of modernization and the information technology is highly dependent on the power of the internet. Internet acts as magic and the miracles brought in front by the internet technology cannot be denied. World has advanced to such an extent that is has now become possible to study and read stuff online. There are various books, magazines, journals and research articles which are available online. Previously when people have to acquire any sort of article related to any issue, they were required to buy and purchase that particular article. In order to purchase the article, a lot of time was required to select and seek for the best article. Now, it has become easier to attain the articles and these articles are now cost free. Unlike the past, now the individuals are not required to pay any amount to get the content and the material they have been seeking for.

There are several ways by which the free articles could easily be obtained. Free online articles, free web directory, free article directory could easily be attained from the search engine. It has become possible to get an access to the free articles mainly because of the technological advancement. Through the list of the various sorts of articles the individuals can easily select one relating to their interest. It is not only possible to get an access to the free articles but it is also now very much possible to submit the articles. People earn a lot on submitting their articles and they get amount on writing the articles online. So instead of paying to read an article one can write an article and earn online.

Now it is very much possible to find free articles online by making use of the internet technology. Anyone can now find free articles by utilizing the various search engines. The students search and try to find free articles in order to complete their assignments. The students and the scholars can also find free articles in order to complete the research work and thesis.

In order to find free articles it is necessary that the individual should be well aware of the available search engines. To find free articles the most commonly used search engine comprises of the Google. To find free articles one can also use the yahoo search engine. To find free articles and research papers one can also use the Google scholar as well. With the help of these particular search engines any sort of article could be obtained.

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