The Best Wedding Venues Double as Baby Shower Sites!

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According to the Office of Vital Statistics in Florida, there were 24,635 fewer babies born in the state in 2012 than there were in 2007. But you would not know when looking at the number of fancy baby showers taking place at baby shower locations all over the country! Ballrooms and banquet halls are not only great country wedding venues, they are also terrific baby shower places in which baby shower packages are provided to the mom to be. The best banquet halls have hosted trendy baby showers featuring diaper cakes, gender reveal cupcakes, onesie decoration, and gifts of books for children.

In a lot of cultures, baby showers or the equivalent ceremonial events are held only after the new baby is one month old, and sometimes even older. This is due to the historically high infant mortality rate. However, in the United States, baby shower packages typically are created a month or two before the due date at party hall rentals.

A lot has changed in the past couple of decades in terms of planning a wedding or baby shower packages. It used to be that the wedding had to come before the baby, but now, oftentimes the opposite is true. Sometimes baby shower packages happen during the marriage itself.

A recent study showed that marriage reduced criminal behavior by 35 percent in men who are considered high risk. Many of these men also become less violent as a result of having children. Therefor it makes a lot of sense to find good wedding venues that can also double as providers of baby shower packages. When you have a baby and get married at the same time, baby shower packages can cement the love felt between the bridge and groom, and as well as between the couple and their new child. See this link for more.

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  • Terry Hughes


    My cousin made her a wedding a join baby shower celebration and it was really fun and cool. I do not think that some of the older more religious ladies liked it, though.


  • Roland Black


    I had my baby shower the same venue as my wedding, but not at the same time. There were a couple of years separating those events.


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