Three Less-Than-Obvious Risk Factors Raising Your Insurance Rates

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When you’re looking for the cheapest car insurance quotes, you’ll be asked questions to determine your risk factor. This includes obvious variables such as your age, your driving history, and what your driving score is. However, did you know that there are other, less obvious aspects that factor in? If these factors show that you’re a high liability, your cheapest car insurance quotes may not be so cheap, after all.

However, once you know about these risk variables, you’ll be able to do something about them. So, here’s a short list of some of these hidden risk variables that could crank your auto insurance rate quotes through the roof!

1. Your Credit Score.

As if you needed another reason to watch your credit score. Actuaries have found that if a person manages their financial affairs well, then they’re a lower liability. How a person handles their finances is an accurate predictor of the number and size of the insurance claims he or she might file, according to the Insurance Information Institute. This only goes to show that if you improve your credit score, you’ll be able to get the cheapest car insurance quotes!

2. Marriage Status.

Believe it or not, actuaries take into account your marriage status. Drivers that are married have been shown to present a lower risk. This makes sense when you think about it, as a driver will be more careful if they have family members in the car because they’re less likely to take chances.

3. Your Job.

Your job is a risk factor, because if you have to drive more for work, then you’re going to be more likely to get in to an accident sheerly for the fact that you spend more time on the road than someone who works from home. However, if you do work from home, you may actually get the cheapest car insurance quotes possible, and even get to qualify for a discount!

Whether you’re looking for a smaller or coverage, or full coverage auto insurance quotes, knowing these factors can help you find a company that offers the cheapest car insurance quotes. If you have any questions about how these factors affect the cheapest car insurance quotes, turning them expensive, feel free to ask in the comments! Helpful info also found here: St. louis car insurance

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