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What do you know about your neighborhood urgent care facility? Urgent care centers are becoming much more popular because they operate on a walk in bases, usually with 24 hr urgent care hours. In addition, they have, on average, shorter wait times than an emergency room, and at the same time, their hours are more convenient that a regular physicians office. In the United States, there are more than 8,000 urgent care centers, most of which are housed in freestanding buildings.

One of the main driving forces for the growth of the urgent care facility industry is the increasing caseload of primary care physicians. This increase leads to scheduling difficulties, longer wait times, and unfortunately, decreased time spent with each patient.

An urgent care clinic is usually staffed by a mix of physicians, nurse practitioners or physicians assistants. Statistics show that 65 percent of these facilities have at least one physician on site at all time. When you consider an urgent care facility, you may be interested to note that these visits are usually less expensive than a visit to a hospital emergency room. An average visit to an ER can cost about $1,500. On the other hand, a visit to an urgent care facility averages around $150.

An urgent care facility usually treats acutely arising conditions such as strains and sprains, or gastrointestinal issues. However, your urgent care facility may also provide lab services, X ray services, and routine physical examinations. This will allow you to get vaccinations such as annual flu shots at an urgent care facility.

Because a urgent care facility is open 24 hours, you can visit one of these facilities when your regular doctor is not available. After hours visits at a urgent care facility can provide immediate care for medical issues. You can get treatment and then follow up with your regular physician when he or she is available.

Knowing where your local urgent care facility is located is important. If you or a family member needs medical attention, you can get there as quickly as possible. And just knowing that assistance from an urgent care facility is nearby can give you a sense of peace of mind.
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