Your Jewelry A Snapshot of You

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What do your diamonds say about you?

Are you an extrovert? Does your jewelry reflect the fire and sparkle of your personality, the way it captures the light in the room the same way you capture the attention of everyone around you? Then pave set diamond bracelets may be your accessory-of-choice: a carpet of sparkle, a blanket of fire, a seamless, shimmering sheen of diamonds to capture the imagination.

Are you more reserved? Do you prefer to accentuate the natural beauty of your neckline, your cheekbones, your wrists, with simpler settings and more graceful lines? Diamond studs and simple drop diamond earrings can speak volumes while saying very little. The wearer becomes the setting, the diamonds the ornamentation on a natural frame of soft skin. What metal is seen can complement the skin tones and bridge the gap between stone and flesh.

Do you like to start conversations? Does your jewelry tell a story? That little shop in Morocco, that trip to Brazil with friends, a loving aunt who raised you… Do you wear your tales for all to see? No one style can define your world, so your world defines your style. You are a walking tapestry of events, a collection of stories on display, ready to be shared at a moment’s notice.

Or are you a bit of each? Is your jewelry box a vast closet of different personalities? Diamond studs for a quiet night out, brilliant bracelets for a flashy entrance, eye-catching curiosities with a tale to tell… all dependent on who you feel like that particular day?

We are rarely the same person twice. The things we learn throughout the day can shape the person who awoke that morning into a different person on the same pillow at night. The jewelry we choose is our snapshot of ourselves at any given moment, and what we choose to share with the world speaks volumes about who we are, and what’s important to us. What are you saying?

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