Wednesday, May 29

Day: July 31, 2021


Modern Mountain Home – Bosch Power Tool Source

Multi-millionaire constructed a residence out of a cave. He was looking to be known as"Caveman. Most of the tasks he performed on his own were himself. The cave was eventually diagnosed as having MS in the past few years. In the years since, he has made it a mission to build the sandstone cave into a residence. The cave was remodeled with over $1000 in the renovations. The stone was transported by him for thousands of hours. He took care of everything on his own. The cave also has WiFi. The floor was ventilated and the electricity hardwired. He created a cave, which has been in use for 700 years. To build the foundations it was removed the soil. Angelo digs a hole of 18 meters below the ground in order to bring the water. He had to go through the cave for eleven days. Angelo is hoping to...