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HVAC Maintenance Tips – GLAMOUR HOME

While the dry mode lowers humidity however, it is not recommended to use it to lower the room’s humidity ultimately. The dry mode should also be used in order to maintain the humidity level to a level that will allow you comfort.

In keeping the fan on auto mode is the best economical option for energy consumption. Because the fan only runs when it is turned off, it does not run continuously. The summer months are when the house will experience more humidification. So, when you turn the fan to Auto mode, water that has accumulated from cooling coils will run off and then be removed.

Guard your home against potential drafts

Although many people focus on keeping air out during winter months, they fail to consider the summer periods. The majority of the time, air leaks in the building can cause the HVAC system of its full capacity as it affects heat and cooling process. If you wish to attain the best outcome it is recommended to close the windows and doors for ensuring you have an ideal weather seal around the building prior to switching the HVAC unit on. Additionally, placing weather-proof strips around the doors can stop the cold air from passing into the house through the doors. Consider upgrading the windows you have in order to improve their effectiveness and stop them from being unable to retain heat or cool. The attics, basements, windows doors, electrical outlets and even the attic are some of the most susceptible areas for drafts to enter a home.

Have a look at the Ducts

One of the most important AC maintenance tasks is that you should regularly look over the air ducts. The ducts can leak and cause severe damage, like we’ve already discussed. According to some firms that offer home-care, leaky conduitwork may lead to a 30% more expensive. So, each dollar you spend costs you thirty cents more for energy. Do you know how to make sure you are in good working order? ejpg1tdzzb.

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