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Day: October 19, 2021


When Should I See a Doctor for an Ear Infection? – Health and Fitness Magazine

When should i see a doctor for an ear infection In the event that you see any changes in your child's behavior for example, irritability or depression, it could be a sign they have an ear problem and require consult a doctor. 8. Are You Swimming In recent times? You should consult a doctor about ear infections if you are swimming over the last couple of days. Clean water from swimming the ocean or pools can cause ear infections, especially in the event that you've not worn the earplugs. It is recommended to consult with your physician for advice if you've spent time in a moist environment. 9. Are You Having Just recently washed Your Ears? Even if you haven't taken a dip in a lake or at the beach recently washing your nose cavity and your ears with a non-medical neti-pot or water th...