Wednesday, July 24

How to Assemble a Braided Hose with AN Fittings – Daily Inbox

It’s a good option to consider if you buy a metal line from an online store but the length isn’t enough to fit in your car. These are the materials you’ll be able to use to change the length of the hose

Braided hose line
AN fittings
A wrench that can be adjusted
Clamps for your bench vice
Tape for ducting
With this, you can remove the part that you want to cut.

Make sure that your cut is neat and square. It is recommended to apply dutiable tape to cover the area that you intend to cut in order to preventing the hose line from being damaged by fraying. It’s important to have your cut in a square shape to keep the joint tight. Once you’re done with this then it’s time to remove your AN fitting. Now, slide the one end of your fitting around an edge. The end will be clamped and the remaining fittings will be joined using as much power as needed. qc8j7s16x7.

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