Friday, July 19

What to Know About Hair Loss – Discovery Videos

Most often, it affects individuals over the age of 35 however it can also happen to younger people. Sir Patrick Stewart, a famous actor, was bald by 19, which is a long time ago. Dr. Ben Behnam is a dermatologist who can help you discover more information about loss of hair.

Los Angeles hair dermatologists or others can help you obtain the finest treatment. The scalp and hair samples can be taken to test. Tests for blood may be required in particular to assess the level of iron levels in women.

The types of loss of hair are broadly classified into two groups. The first is scarring alopecia. The result is irregular patches of baldness. This is the 2nd, and more common form of alopecia.

Find out if the patient have relatives having hair loss. A common myth is that mothers inherit the gene for baldness. It could be from either of the sides.

Treatments for hair loss include pills and hair transplants. Some antidepressants can be prescribed for patients due to the risk that loss of hair can cause depression. fdorl7h99u.

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