Wednesday, April 17

Cutting with a Welding Torch for Beginners – Reference

The metal stem is a long straightened piece of steel that can be bent in order to let the welder accomplish a remarkable job. The stem is made of pipes, including gas fuel and oxygen. It’s connected to a fuel source by hose and provides the welder a chance to adjust the ratio of the fuel and oxygen. Once fuel and oxygen mix, the resultant mixture can produce a small blue flame.

Once the flame has reached a temperature hot enough to melt metals like aluminium, tin, or steel. The torch for welding is put between two pipes of metal that creates sparks when it melts the materials to their melting points. It takes only several seconds to join two different metals. The flame moves along in both the metals, and creates a strong bond.

Below are some suggestions to assist you in getting on the right track.
Start the fuel gas. To warm the gas, you could use any lighter or starter. Set your flame so as to ensure that the smoke is not escaping.

It is possible to turn the oxygen off and watch changes in the flame until it produces a clear spark.

Use the torch to illuminate your work.

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