Thursday, April 18

What Makes Google Work – Living History Worldwide

Just a moment before pressing”search” for the first time, I thought to myself “What’s going on? “search” button I wondered about myself “Wait… What does Google understand so much?” The expanse of Google can be both amazing and frightening. It seems like you could connect to the whole world But how do you achieve it? What’s the key to my keyboard bringing up so many informative websites at once? Google released this video that gives you an insider’s look into one of its “data data centers.”

Google’s core is located in its server. Google’s data center Google database center packed with rows and rows of thousands of servers. Google executives outline the processes of information that are stored in the data center and then returned to users. Each now and then, the server gets switched for another. The data center is the core of the internet. The data center is home to many employees that have written books on security of information as well as data privacy. The Google data center is still catering to your search needs.


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