Friday, July 19

What You Need to Know About Community Health Centers – Free Health Videos

What has changed in health care facilities in the past and how vital they can be to the local community.

In the late 1960s, the first community health clinics which were also referred to as neighborhood health centers, were established. Well-meaning physicians and medical professionals set up these clinics to offer medical care at no cost or with a minimal price to residents in the local community who would otherwise have very limited or even no access to it.

Though community health centers were initially set up to provide primary care, they have since increased their capacity to handle chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and HIV/AIDs. The majority of community health centers employ other health care specialists in addition to nurses and doctors including dentists, psychiatrists, lab and medical diagnostics professionals.

Apart from the provision of health care, they provide jobs in the local communities they are situated in. They are also managed by community boards and get funding from both governmental and private sources.


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