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Taking Care of Your Teeth During a Braces Treatment – Dentist Lifestyle

There are many things that are important to learn about taking care of your smile while braces are being applied. In this article we’ll discuss how you can take care of your teeth during this phase.

First thing we’ll examine is how to brush your teeth. It can be quite difficult for kids to accomplish independently, but in the case of teens or adult orthodontics you should not be struggling. In the case of Burrow, Welchel, and Culp orthodontics, one in five patients who undergo orthodontic treatment is an adult. Make sure that you’re brushing over as well as below brackets. Braces may cause food particles to become stuck on brackets. As a result, you may need to brush often.

The use of floss is made more difficult by braces. The difficulty is due to the presence braces have brackets that prevent floss from moving between the teeth. The floss must be passed the floss along the wire to bypass these brackets. Another option is by using a waterpik.

Then, once your braces treatment is completed it is important to ensure that you are wearing your retainer to maintain your tooth’s structure. In the end, use this information to help take charge of your braces, as well as retainers.


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