Tuesday, April 23

First Steps Taken By Commercial Concrete Polishing Companies – Business Training Video


In office buildings, commercial warehouses and retail stores as and also residences. This has led to a rise in demand for concrete polishing services. is a surge in recent months in demand for concrete polishing firms that specialize in commercial projects. A YouTube channel “Concrete Staining and Polishing …” provides an outline of the tasks performed by the majority of polishing and concrete companies.

The initial step is to utilize a diamond mill with a 40 grit setting to eliminate any remaining glue prior to sealing any cracks or joints by filling joints with polyuria. Repairs that are essential should be made prior to grinding or polishing the floor. In the next step, 150 grit metals are used to grind and polish before moving onto the 100 grit resin that bonds diamonds and, finally, the 400 grit diamond impregnated pad.

Next, you will use the sprayer to apply stain on the floor, while also adding various floor designs that are decorative. Prior to moving onto the next step after which the floor will be cleaned using an 800 grit pad. Guard application should be made in the penultimate stage to increase the depth of the stain and begin at the edge. To highlight colors and enhance the reflective properties of the flooring, burning is recommended.


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