Wednesday, May 29

How to Install and Use Simple Voice Chat for Minecraft –

Voice servers allow Minecraft users to chat to one another via voice chat. Simple Voice Chat is one of the most well-known ways to chat with voice in Minecraft. According to the voice-over narration of the video the mod for voice chat lets gamers talk to people in their vicinity, without the use of 3rd party systems like Discord. This is the method players use to download and utilize the mod to voice-chat. Simple Voice Chat Mod only is compatible with fabric. Gamers need to download mods, API and the actual fabric mod.

Once the player is ready to launch the fabric modification choose the appropriate version and click Install. After that, the player must launch their own installation using Launcher to check if the installation has been completed before shutting down the game. Next, the player should press WIN + G and enter ‘%appdata%/.minecraft/mods’ to open the mods folder, then copy and paste the fabric API and actual mod. It is important to know that this server works with multiplayer mode. It will fail in the event that they attempt to use the server to play in single-player mode.


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