Wednesday, February 21

Day: January 29, 2023


How to Hit Your Golf Ball Further – Sports Radio 610

No On the course, you'll practice your shoulders' position as well as how the ball rests on the Tee. You'll be able to hit the ball farther if you have the right stance. Stay In The Middle As a ball is released off the tee the ball will fly through the air but not much. The same happens if you hit it at an angle. The goal is to hit the middle of both ball and club. This video illustrates Alex setting a dot onto the ball, and then marking the clubs by using markers. It can be accomplished with all the clubs, not only the driver. The instruction also instructs you to place the club in the middleof the ball to ensure that the dots on the ball and club meet. Create a Driver just for You Fitters for clubs can help you determine the right driver perfect for you swing. It will be eas...