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10 Tips to Keep Your Organs Healthy – Free Health Videos

10 tips to keep your organs healthy The air pollution that is a factor in about half of all deaths from pneumonia in children younger than five years old. In addition, air pollution increases the risk of lower respiratory infections in adults. This accounts for 28% mortality.
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

COPD is the leading reason for death in contemporary times. You may develop COPD by exposure to lots of indoor smoke; this condition can affect both genders alike.

Lung Cancer

According to NCBI The NCBI report, carcinogens that are exposed within the air, including those generated by charcoal, coal, or kerosene-based cooking can be responsible for about 17 percentage of cases of lung cancer.

Ischaemic Heart Disease

The pollution from indoor air is connected to the development of ischemic heart disease. It’s the source for nearly one million premature deaths and 11% percent of deaths as per BMC Public Health.

It is risky when you spend too much time at home. So keeping your air clean is one of the main things to do among the 10 tips for keeping your organs in good health. Dust particles can be found along with others like cloth, paper, wood and even cloth.

They can stick to dust mites and bacteria on upholstery or carpets. Microorganisms emit tiny drops of waste that will settle on furniture or carpets. Droplets of liquid waste can spread the virus to those that come in contact with the droplets.

The most simple and cost-effective solution to enhance ventilation is opening a window. This isn’t always an option, particularly where the outside air is polluted. A AC is used to make indoors more humid, and to maintain high quality air. Trane AC Maintenance is required in the event that the AC is experiencing issues.

2. Avoid exposure to mold

There are many potential risks to health due to exposure to mouldy or humid conditions. People who are intolerant to mold. A few people are allergic mold.


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