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Keep This Annual House Maintenance List in Mind – House Killer

It is also recommended to pressure wash outside walls. No matter if they’re made of brick, sidingor stone or stucco, pressure washing will get rid of the dirt, mildew, as well as mold. It prevents decay, and improves the appearance of your home.

4. Make sure your home is secure

A checklist of home maintenance for the year should make safety an important factor. Begin by ensuring that the foundation is safe by getting in touch with the foundation repair company for a thorough check. Install a smoke alarm as well as conduct periodic inspections of the fire alarm. The National Fire Protection Association advises installing one in every sleeping location, or in the basement and inside each bedroom. It is not recommended to put them in bathrooms or close to the kitchen because they can cause alarms frequently due to the heat of a stove or hot water shower.

Check each alarm once a month using the test button. The alarm should emit beeping and loud sounds. Change the batteries in the alarm if it doesn’t or if it sounds weak. The process should be described in depth by the owner’s instruction manual. Search for your alarm model online to find the manual if you do not have it.

When a smoke alarm starts to sound, you must replace the batteries right away. In other cases, unless your alarm is equipped with 10-year non-replaceable batteries, replace the batteries in each alarm annually at the very least. Replace your smoke alarms at least every 10-years.

You might also consider the addition of carbon monoxide detectors in your checklist of house maintenance. There is a risk of death due to carbon monoxide (CO) is a real possibility. It has no smell or color. If appliances that burn gas, such as gas stoves or fireplaces are left on, carbon monoxide (CO) is able to be a problem in the home. Each and every floor of your house should have a carbon monoxide detector. Replace CO alarms as often according to the guidelines


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