Wednesday, April 17

Simple Kitchen Updates on a Dime – DIY Projects for Home

Receive your new and exciting dishes delivered right to you

Style and function are important factors to consider prior to deciding on what food will be the best to feed your entire family. In the case of gatherings or parties regularly, consider purchasing the stoneware set or glassware to host your special events. A casual set of dishes is a good option when you are only using them for daily meals. When choosing dishes, remember to look at color. Pick a shade that matches your kitchen’s style or paint color.

Update Your Fridge with Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint is one of the kitchen updates at a fraction of the cost you could use to enhance your kitchen’s appearance. It’s perfect for adding some character to your kitchen without spending more than you need to. It’s simple to transform your fridge by adding chalkboard paint. You can do the task yourself, or can hire someone who will apply the chalkboard paint. For this simple project, you need to select an ideal chalkboard paint color which matches the fridge color, newspaper that covers your floor, tape, and paintbrush.

Begin by using water and mild soap to cleanse your fridge’s surface. After cleaning it, tape any areas that you do not would like the paint splashing on door frames or handles. To shield your floors from paint splashes set up newspapers on the floor. After that, apply chalkboard paint directly on the refrigerator using a brush. Ensure you brush in a similar direction to the grain pattern of the fridge’s stainless steel. You may need to apply more coats of chalkboard paint if coating an existing coating of paint. You must let the previous coat dry completely before you apply the next one. When the chalkboard paint is dried out, it is possible to remove the tape, and begin making use of your freshly painted refrigerator. The chalkboard can be used to make pictures or messages or shared with relatives.

The kitchen remodeling project could be a challenge to handle. It’s not easy to oversee a kitchen remodeling project.


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